In today's discourse, standing upon Mount Calvary, I introduce the notion of King David Son Of Jesse, raised up from the dead, eyeing-up the situation as he looks around, deciding to SPEAR ROMAN CAESAR into The Fires Of Hell, for being the ARCH-ENEMY OF ALL OLD TESTAMENT HOLY STARS OF THE 'OLD LAW COVENANT', ... this DEMONPOSSESSED ROMAN CAESAR MASTER-VILLAIN OF SATAN falsely purporting to be every Holy Name in The Bible from Genesis to Revelation, even holding himself out 2000 years as being Jesus Christ whom he murdered, with YESHUA'S Father's Name JEHOVAH (YAHWEH), removed from The Roman Catholic Bible, through which JEHOVAH'S HOLY SPIRIT REFUSES TO OPERATE EVEN FOR SO MUCH AS 1 SECOND DURING THESE PAST 2000 YEARS, WHETHER JEHOVAH WANTS IT TO OR NOT, FOR OMITTING THE NAME OF GOD FROM ROMAN CAESAR'S ROTTEN CATHOLIC BIBLE, ... while this DEMONPOSSESSED ROMAN WITCH, ITALIAN CAESAR under his white-pointed 666 Hat, ... pretends to be Aaron Of Israel or the facsimile thereof, the Holiest Man selected by GOD to help provide Salvation for the progeny of Abraham, leading them to 'THE PROMISED LAND OF MILK AND HONEY',... when in reality his true demon veiled-identity is MASTER ROMAN POLITICIAN, DEMONPOSSESSED EMPEROR OF THE ROMAN DYNASTY, KING OF THE BROAD AND SPACIOUS, ... hating that LITTLE JEWISH JESUS CHRIST 'PRINCE OF PEACE' he murdered on Calvary, speaking of some other Divine Authority with JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY AT THE TOP END, ... which might interfere with The DEVIL'S Rulership of SATAN GOD OF THIS WORLD, from whom  ROMAN CAESAR ruling as Tyrant-King derives his own Authority these past 3000 years, in exchange for his HIS DEMONPOSSESSED ROMAN-WITCH SOUL, so he could rule The World with Satan in each successive generation, until what he believed to be SATAN'S FUTURE VICTORY OVER JEHOVAH'S THRONE IN 1904, the decisive BATTLE IN THE SKY.