Well, this being GOOD FRIDAY, I thought I'd reveal the true goings-on, taking place upon Mount Calvary in Jerusalem, ... and remove the lying veil of mystery, ... Satan's ROMAN CAESAR has draped himself with these past 2000 years, ... to show The World what the TRUE FACTS ARE, concerning this Demonized Cheap-Criminal ROMAN IMPOSTOR, ... falsely pretending not only to be JESUS CHRIST since the day in Jerusalem he killed him, ... but falsely holding himself out to be EVERY STAR OF THE BIBLE, FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION, ... while he himself, SATAN THE DEVIL'S ROMAN CAESAR, goes on existing not only as The Arch-Enemy Of JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY whose name he removed from The Bible for 2000 Years, ... but existing as the arch-enemy of King David Son Of Jesse, who unlike the rest of the antiChrist Jews of Jerusalem, in Jesus Christ's Generation as he hangs  dying on ROMAN CAESAR'S TORTURE STAKE... does not hesitate to SPEAR ROMAN CAESAR into 'The Fires Of Hell', ... as a little souvenir from THE ISRAELITE STARS OF 'THE OLD LAW COVENANT', for the ROMAN NATION, ancient Israel has held in justifiable contempt since JEHOVAH SPOKE WITH ABRAHAM, ABOUT MAKING A NATION FOR HIS NAME SAKE, FROM THE LOINS OF FOREFATHER ABRAHAM.  THAT'S ABRAHAM'S HOLY ISRAELITE GODGIVEN GLORY, ... NOT ROMAN ANTICHRIST ITALIAN GLORY.