In this discourse, zeroing in on Mount Calvary, I show how 'The Old Law Covenant' handed-down through Moses, ... is brought to an end, by The Death Of JESUS CHRIST.  Bearing this in mind, I introduce the notion, that if King David Son Of Jesse from the year 1000 B.C.E., were raised up once again as a man in Jerusalem, at the time of Jesus Christ's EXECUTION BY SATAN'S CAESAR OF ROME, ... then which one of the two, would King David kill?  Would it be JESUS CHRIST, whose Death On A Torture Stake, marks the end of 'The Old Law Covenant', which is the source of King David's GODGIVEN Authority, ... or would David much rather, if he could reach Satan's Roman Caesar with his Israelite Spear, choose to kill The Devil's Wopp, most hated antiIsraelite archEnemy, of all Old Testament Hebrew Stars, themselves living under 'The Old Law Covenant'.  One thing is for certain, King David Son Of Jesse, assuredly would not hail Satan The Devil's Roman SNAKE, TYRANT-CAESAR, as the King and Ruler over David's Holy City Of Jerusalem, nor would David hail SATAN'S WOPP SNAKE, DEMONIZED CAESAR, as Emperor Over 'The Promised Land Of Milk And Honey, JEHOVAH'S Holy Land Of Israel'.