Firstly, I explain here how JEHOVAH conquered Satan, 1 on 1, Holy Angel against Demon Angel in Mount Zion, back in 1904.  Next, I explain why it's Holy JOB's Glory to abstain from Sin, if JEHOVAH does not pull-off Satan during a Test Situation, ... and why a Person being tested by Satan The Devil in this particular type of situation, does not actually stand a chance in The Universe of coming off victorious against The Devil, unless he knows and understands perfectly clearly, that it is in fact his own Godgiven Glory if he abstains from Sin.  Then, I go on to show how JEHOVAH rewarded JOB in the end, ... but I was careful to explain The Difference between JEHOVAH's GODLY GLORY as opposed to JOB's Holy Godgiven Glory, coming off victorious against Satan The Devil.