Well, let me just say, that nobody on The Earth was ever so determined to become Wealthy as I myself writing 'Gwendellyn's Staircase', in 1989 swiped by Satan's  Witches, ... and I myself, writing 'Flight Of The Butterfly', in 2002 also swiped by Satan's Witches, ... but in a desperate and determined attempt to remain rational and to hold onto my sanity so as not to Sin and so as Not To Turn Wicked, ... I had to turn 100% antimaterialistic, writing-off MONEY as GARBAGE, ... while identifying with Holy Old King Solomon in order to make a rocksolid stand against my old enemy Satan The Devil, ... and to reinforce my Sacred Imperialistic Theocratic Autarchic Zionistic Faith against The Devil so that he couldn't corrupt me and take my soul down into The Fires Of Hell, ... because  for a true fact I never received 1 solitary complement or 1 solitary Penny for either Poetry Book, ... the first one worth over 10 Billion U.S.Dollars in 1989, and the second one worth over 1000 times more than that, in 2002, ... which certainly goes to show that  the Italian Thief surely must have been awfully high-up in authority to pull-off the heist perfectly without a hitch, and with  such expertise, that nobody on The Earth since 1989 ever found out.