In an attempt to remain rational, with Satan The Devil, trying desperately to shove me over The Edge, ... it was necessary to turn antimaterialistic in order, not to Sin and in order  To Not Turn Wicked, ... realizing that Satan and his Wicked Witches, had robbed me for so incredibly much money, ... 10 Billion Dollars for Book 1 and over 1000 times that amount for Book 2, in 1989 and in 2002 respectively, ... but I found The Godgiven Wisdom Of Holy King Solomon, to be indispensably useful in facilitating my purpose.  Unfortunately, ... I had to accept the realization of the fact in my own personal life, that at least for me, ... if I truly wanted to remain HOLY AND HONORABLEl, ... then I had to (and I'm speaking for myself alone) write-off MONEY as GARBAGE.  I tell you for a true fact, ... Satan would have dragged me to Hell instantly, if I couldn't do that.