'I knew that the Human Race, could never actually gain salvation, ... if you falsely imagined that the MAN who hated JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY and JESUS CHRIST, ... moreso than any other MAN across Human History, ... he himself, being CAESAR OF ROME, THE SON OF SATAN THE DEVIL, ... was your 'chief means of Gaining Salvation', ... which he always misled you to believe, ... while he stole Ancient HEBREW GODGIVEN Glory Of The ISRAELITE Stars Of The Old Testament, ... and thereafter, although he existed as the exact opposite of Holy King Solomon And King David, ... this Italian Demonpossessed Witch, CAESAR OF ROME, ... continued on with 'his Wopp Masquerade, misrepresenting himself as JESUS CHRIST AND AS GOD, sitting himself down in The Temple Of The Great GOD JEHOVAH', holding himself out to be a GOD, ... while performing the most unimaginable atrocities against JEHOVAH'S AND JESUS CHRIST'S HOLIEST SLAVES, for 2000 Years.  Because I perceived that you the Human Race, cannot gain Salvation under THIS MOST WICKED ROTTEN ITALIAN,  masquerading as GOD'S CHOSEN HOLIEST MAN, ... I decided to show you YAHWEH's opinion, of this Demonpossessed Worthless Serpentile Slithering Italian Witch, taking you all to Hell.