Well, I seize the golden opportunity here, to explain about The Stradivarius I never quite got around to playing when I was young.  And then, I show that although Jesus Christ did not ever sing or play a Musical Instrument while down on The Earth as a Human, ... there's no Angel more artistically talented and blessed by YAHWEH, when it comes to Music and The Fine Arts across Eternity.  Then, I go on to encourage loving Parents everywhere, to buy their aspiring young child the Wishful Instrument Of Their Dreams, ... and don't ever deny the darling's their Golden Wish, that most beloved Musical SoundBox Toy, ... because even King David Son Of Jesse, would have fallen flat on his face, ... if JEHOVAH didn't bless him with a KN800, when all the rest of the stinking Philistines, each  had one of their own, ... while he's left sitting there jealous, like a Dumbbell.