Now here's a true story, about a number of little Animals and Birds, which were very close to me during the course of my own lifetime, ... and I was heart-broken in The End, to have to watch them die, one by one, as the years passed on by, from Old Age usually, and sometimes from sickness.  Occasionally, these Animals and Birds, were actually from The Wilderness Kingdom, and not amongst my own Personal House Pets. ... I also saw, that before a Human dies, immediately preceding Death itself, ... he imagines that the Devil has enterred inside himself, and he's turned into a rotten slithering fallen loser of a snake.  Satan, tried this many times with me, and i resisted him, but he takes sanity as the brain grows weak prior to Death, ... and when his Human victim cannot think cleverly anymore, ... then Christian Faith crumples into nothing, ... and if JEHOVAH can forgive him for sinning, if he sins before his demise, ... well, it'll really be something indeed.