Here is a true to life story, of a motortrip down to Cocoa Beach, Florida from Sault Ste. Marie, ... which I and a couple of friends had taken along Highway I 75, away back in August of 1972, 33 Years Ago, when I was 18 Years Of Age.  The highlight of the journey, although there were a great many noteworthy incidents indeed, rekindling fond memories of which  to make mention, ... was 'upon taking my first lifetime glance at The Atlantic Ocean, ... at that very instant sighted about 500 Yards offshore from the Florida Coastline, ... a gigantic Manta Ray co-incidentally surfaced at that precise second in time, flying at least 200 metres across the surface of The Atlantic Ocean.  Well, I certainly came to accept the fact, I wasn't entirely alone swimming naked in The Sea, after seeing that Baby.